Fancy Book Learnin'

The book cover design class I teach at SVA starts tonight. Here are a few projects from some of last semester's students.

Lorrie Moore series by Andy Schoonmaker

Frankenstein by Andrew Schaff

J.D. Salinger series by Cara Possemato

Lorrie Moore cover by Megan McLaughlin

The Scarlet Letter by Rebecca Malley

Hire them!


  1. That first book is wonderful. Love the slip case and covers on his site. Andy Schoonmaker very talented.

    The others, while I love them, feel like I almost have seen them somewhere. I also worry about what restrictions were put on the students. I think in school we can get away with a lot, and god knows you've gotten away with amazing stuff, but in many ways it is a very restrictive process. I guess what i mean is that a lot of my clients wold not "get" this type of work. This is more of a longer discussion. But really nice stuff. Nice to see that students are pushing the limits with seeming comfort.

  2. Like the scarlet letter cover so much!
    ciao / c.

  3. The scarlet letter cover is outstanding!