Not that the world needs another book cover related blog...

Until I am able to find that free month or two to focus on the details of my website, I thought I’d start posting some things onto this blog. I’ll be posting some of my projects, work by colleagues, some student stuff, and lots of other sundry items. We’ll see if I can maintain the pace...


In the leadoff spot:


I asked Peter Buchanan-Smith to redesign our Raymond Carver backlist. He came up with the brilliant idea of using Todd Hido’s photographs on the covers. The first four are just coming out and they are gorgeous and perfect. Peter interviews Todd over at The Sun and Anchor blog:


  1. these are very attractive. Using the light in that way makes you feel almost voyeuristic...

    Looking forward to see what this blog will showcase. In the meantime, as a side note, Kimberly Glyder and I were joking about a blog dedicated to just spines of books. when she saw this she dropped me a line. She was saying, damn, John beat us to it... But it seems like you will not be focusing on book spines... She even nailed the name: SpineOut... Great minds.

  2. Great idea! I figure to run out of things to say by the middle of next week, if so, go for it.

  3. Beautiful work. Todd's images are sort of haunting but still exciting to think about.

  4. hi john
    welcome into the blogosphere!
    I'm sure you have a lot interesting to say and show :)
    best wishes! / camilla

  5. Good looking series and nice use of Jenkins. It can be a tricky font.