Love This

Todd St. John illustration for the NYT 10 Best Books of the Year.


Contest #4

Name the designer, win the book.

Is it possible to put LESS on a cover and still have it mean something?

Difficulty level: 3

Good Luck!



In case you are not following along, we just crossed the halfway mark for 30 Covers in 30 Days.

A small sampling here, but check out the website for more great work by amazing designers for a good cause.

Christopher King:

Edel Rodriguez:

Christopher Silas Neal:

The controversial Paul Share cover:

Mark Abrams:

Braulio Amadou:


And so it begins again...

30 Covers in 30 Days.

First cover by the wonderful Jessica Hische posted yesterday. The fantabulous Scott Buschkuhl of Hinterland posting today.

I won't spoil all the fun, but look out for Paul Sahre, Edel Rodriguez, Carin Goldberg and 25 other amazing designers/illustrators/artists as they attempt to design book covers in 24 hours in support of National Novel Writing Month.

I will not be posting them all like I did last year, but you can follow along on the NaNoWriMo website.