International Collage Show of Epic Proportions

I am one of the curators of this show. There will be lots of great work to see. And i'll buy you a drink. Mark it down, October 21st.

October 21st - November 19th, 2011

Ugly Art Room (via Picture Farm)

338 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Opening Reception: 7-9pm, Friday, October 21st, 2011

Paul Burgess, Virginia Echeverria, Fred Free, John Gall, James Gallagher, April Gertler, Jenkins, Gordon Magnin, Clarita Mata, Jeffrey Meyer, Tom Moglu, Randy Mora, Nicole Natri, Julien Pacaud, Ciara Phelan, Emmanuel Polanco, Eduardo Recife, Kareen Rizk, Javier Rodriguez, Valerie Roybal, Katherine Streeter, Leigh Wells, Charles Wilkin, Lionel Williams, Bill Zindel


Dragon Tattoo Poster?

Being designed by the amazing Neil Kellerhouse, who is, for my money, THE best movie poster designer working today (not that it would take that much to design a poster better than the usual Hollywood high octane blandness). Mr Kellerhouse far exceeds.

NOTE: Upon further investigation, this may or may not be final poster art. It was originally posted on the movies "unofficial" Tumblr site. Apparently there's been some issues with the movie poster. No more gossip on this from me.

Speaking of Dragon Tattoo, New ish of Design Bureau has, what sounds like, an interesting interview with Peter Mendelsund.


Been spending too much time over at flim-flam.

More soon!