Back covers of three Ed Ruscha books

Thirty-Four Parking Lots, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, and Broken Glass


I thought I was tired of this...

Now comic books get the Penguin-y/mid-century Modern/70s Swiss minimalist book cover treatment. Do love some of these, esp. The Hulk.


The Art of Seduction

An article for Print Magazine that reveals many of the secret and unsavory techniques we use to get design approvals.
Written by Peter Terzian and Peter Mendelsund. Accompanying art by Tamara Shopsin and Jason Fulford.



I'm helping out with National Novel Writing Month's "30 Covers in 30 Days". Stay tuned. Amazing participants are promised. Starts November 1.


Lustig Chapbook

A new book on Alvin Lustig. By Ned Drew and Paul Sternberger, authors of By Its Cover: Modern American Book Cover Design. Published by Cary Press, who also sell some pretty cool Lester Beall postcards.

Who Died and Made You Boss?

In case you didn't know, James Victore has a monograph out that you should all immediately drop what you are doing and buy. Designed by Paul Sahre.
A cover he did for Grove Press back when I was there:


More on the Slime Mutants

Another plug for Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants-The Art of the Paperback. Just bought my copy. Tons of great covers accompanied by an entertaining and thorough written history of the genre by Steven Brower. Intro by Steve Heller. If you have any interest in book covers or slime mutants you will want this.



Found these two Freud books at a used bookstore in Massachusetts. Tell me who designed the covers and I'll send you the books.


Echo Letterpress

If you find yourself in Jeffersonville, NY in need of letterpress printing or restaurant recommendations, stop in and see the fine folks at Echo Letterpress in their restored 1950s gas station studio. For the less wayfaring type, here's their website.


Short Short Stories

By the great collagist Lou Beach. Read them at 420characters.com
Some of Lou's collage work: