Megan's Mitfords

Vintage's Nancy Mitford reissues hitting the shelves soon. Beautifully designed by our own—the lovely, the talented—Megan Wilson. Also, check out the website Megan designed for NM. More on the aristocratic and eccentric Mitford family.


CD design

Her first record in a decade and it's amazing.
Haunting, prescient, funny and the music is beautiful. Even Pitchfork loves it.
Cover features Laurie in her Fenway Bergamot guise.
Out today from Nonesuch.


Things Lying Around My Office

Visual communication doesn't come more straightforward than this. They ought to team up.
Like daffodils in motherfucking spring.


Found at the train station

My local train station has a lend/borrow book rack where I occasionally find some great old covers.
Found this vintage Vintage the other day. Cover by Antonio Frasconi. Below a redesign we did a few years ago.

Old book inscriptions make friends and enemies.