PMS 194 and PMS 116

Michael Bierut on one of the (if not the) most famous book covers of all time.
UPDATE: Just pulled this image randomly from the web and it ended up being Henry Sene Yee's personal copy.


Why Pay More?

Art utilizing old book components by the great Gary Taxali (do I detect some rejected book cover comps in there?) Not terribly expensive either. Get thee to Toronto immediately.

Worked with him on the cover for Jonathan Lethem's Men and Cartoons some whiles back:


Found at the train station

I don't particularly remember an appearance by Mick Avory in this novel (though I think Dave Davies' hat may have had a few lines of dialogue). Its been a while...


Project Mersh

Commercial jackets. Still the hardest part of the job. 


Around The League

Book cover pundit Peter Terzian has a new music blog: Earworms

Check out the "Little Books of Harsh Patel" (above) at Lined and Unlined.

Book Design Review closing up shop

Scott Stowell of Open giving AIGA talk on 1/28

Remainder author Tom McCarthy on David Lynch.

New material soon.


A Big Hunk O' Books 51-75

Ending on a graceful note. Two of the best: