If any of you graphic designers have children of school age, you will no doubt have been asked to help with the "graphics" on some sort of school run project. A couple years ago I was asked to help design the cover of a grammar school yearbook. Needless to say, a professional designer is probably the last person you want involved in a project like that: "What if we do this?" "What if we tried that?" "If we got some more money we could emboss" "Wait, the children will be supplying the artwork? Seriously?" "People, just what problem are we trying to solve here?" You know what I'm saying. Cleaning up my hard drive, I found this file of (unused) internet research I did on yearbook design. Great stuff.


Nice Q&A

With those Heads of State guys over at the Casual Optimist. I may be turning up there in some form in the not to distant future. Stay tuned.

The Death of the Carnival Barker

Nice Sunday Morning piece on book covers featuring our own Peter Mendelsund and Chip Kidd. And I think that's the wonderful Anne Twomey in there too. But goodness, I hope Grand Central isn't really going to use that piece of art on their cover or we'll end up on one of those horrible "covers that look alike" blogs.


Book covers in need of books #2

Wouldn't you buy the biography of butterfly breeder Carl A. Anderson (I've never heard of him either) if this were on the cover?


For the person who has everything, yet nothing.

If you are searching for that perfect holiday gift for a literary minded friend, The Heads of State have produced a beautiful, limited edition, letterpress print of fictional business cards for The Great Gatsby's party going set.

smoke, armpit

Artist Rachael Morrison is documenting the "unique scent" of each book in MOMA's book collection. All 300,000 of them. Also, the #16 Reason to Love New York.


New York Magazine cover

Did the cover for the big year end "Reasons to Love New York" double issue. On newstands now.


A Nice Place to Visit

Quaffed a few with a couple of Toronto's finest cover designers (along with Dan Wagstaff of the always great Casual Optimist and Accidental Optimist blogs).

Check out the cover design work of Ingrid Paulson and David Gee.

Ingrid Paulson

David Gee