Cover Approved

In fine company too: Levar Burton, Jeremy Piven's sushi, and Baader Meinhof chic. Now if I can just do something about the cover that's about to be killed by Costco...


  1. As per a recent talk with Archie Ferguson: John Gall can make anything look good even if he's bound and gagged...

    I am sure you will do amazingly fine. It's always a refresher to see the PBs you come up with after the HB has been shelved for a while....

  2. Hey John,
    Happy that you're blogging.
    Congrats on the Approval Matrix. I love the new cover.

    But I do miss having the WTC in the photo as on the original edition. It set the book's time frame squarely in the 80s. And that cover made we venture out to this newly named area of "Tribeca" to seek out the setting of the novel. Was there a decision made not to use the Twin Towers?

  3. Agreed. However dated that old cover was/is, there is still some fondness for it.

    But this is what we do. We repackage these things from time to time, so the sales force has something new to show to the book buyers, so the bookstores will display them, so the book buying public can see something fresh, and, if we're lucky, maybe someone like NYMag takes notice.

    Regarding the Twin Towers. Personally, I think that image is still so powerful and loaded that it can easily overwhelm. I felt a new cover showing the towers would redirect the narrative, making that element seem too important.

    Plus, The Odeon is still pretty '80s.

  4. Beautiful cover--but interesting to see that a mere book designer isn't deemed worthy of naming, unlike fashion designers or video designers.