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  3. How to Activate fubo tv on Roku through fubo.tv/roku?
    Activating the FuboTV on your Roku streaming devices is really simple. Head to the Roku Channels Store and type FuboTV in the search bar. Now, download the FuboTV app and launch the app on installation. Note the code, visit fubo.tv/roku and enter the code and hit OK
    If you have issues in fubo tv channel activation please visit our site fubo.tv/roku or contact our team by dialing our number +1-820-300-0410

  4. How to Resolve HDCP error on Roku?
    Disconnect the HDMI cable from the port and connect it back again
    If the HDMI cable used is faulty, try replacing it with a new one. Always choose good quality cables to use with your device
    You can also try reversing the ends of HDMI cable and then check if the error messages resolve
    Restart or reset your device using the compatible reset settings. Use the settings >System> System restart
    If you require to resolve the hdcp roku error contact @+1-844-935-4357 and visit our site roku hdcp error detected