First idea, worst idea?

I occasionally use post-it notes to jot down very rough thumbnails. They make a size that has nearly the exact same proportions as a book cover. I then either stick them above my computer, hand them off to a designer or throw them out. Looking through some of these from the last couple years made me realize how few of them actually make it through to final. Part of it must be the book cover kill rate, but I also think I might be using this process as a way to get the bad ideas out of the way, though for the life of me I have no idea what projects half of these are for.


  1. That's cool to see, I like seeing and hearing about the process of getting a book cover done

  2. this would make fun exhibit. I have a wooden table top made of some old plywood i found in my garage when i moved into the place I live in I often will jot down notes on it or sketch when I run out of stickes or notepads. Not to mention the countless ripped out pages from old design annuls that are scattered for months where you don't recall what project you had picked them for any more... Great post, and the last one too on Gee's typeless covers... the joy and mystery is in the details.

  3. John,
    I hope all is well with you. Would you grant permission to include these in the new edition of Graphic Design Solutions?