Kids Today 5

Some student work from the spring 2011 book cover design class. Third and fourth year students. Special thanks to Evan Gaffney, Tal Goretsky, Chip Kidd and Megan Wilson for their inspiration and expert guidance.

Projects include:
Design a series of classics for a contemporary audience.
Design a cover for a How To book.
Design a cover for the novel Lake Overturn.
Design a cover for a book that is in desperate need of a new cover.

Nina Loschiavo

Rachel Willey

Michele Martinez

Alex Stikeleather

Daniel Rodriguez

Jinyi Roh


  1. My favorites, which I'd all buy on the spot & are so gorgeous: Loschiavo's Miller covers, Willey's Immoralist, and Stikeleather's 1984. The Immoralist cover needs to see the light of production. Wowed.

  2. all beautiful. Some obvious influences, but good artists steal.

  3. Is it possible to order the Mishima's?!

  4. What a bunch of good work. The kids are all right!

  5. Thanks for posting the work of these up and coming designers. I love bookcover art and this is the first time I have seen student work - such a treat

  6. The sailor on the Mishima cover is a Chinese sailor. Tsk tsk tsk.