The New Yu

This is the hard cover jacket I designed about a year ago for Charles Yu's How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe. I really liked this cover. Art by Benbo George.
It made it so far as to be included on the bound galley. At the last minute it was killed and replaced with the UK jacket (seen below). Note to cover design novices: if you are ever in a meeting and someone says "Have you seen the UK jacket?" you know you are in trouble.
As baffling as it was at the time, I can see the point. The toy raygun approach may not have been the best solution, and is a cliche wrapped inside of a cliche, more accessible approach was needed. The novel is about a guy who fixes time travel machines and ends up getting caught in a time loop. He is in love with his computer's sexy voiced operating system and he has a pet dog. It's also a great book.

For paperback here is my bid for a wider pop audience. Die cut/step back cover, silver ink, a ton of wonderful quotes and a dog in a space suit. What more could one want? Cover illustration by our own Peter Quach.
Paperback available June 28.

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