Vintage James M. Cain

Our spectacular new designs for James M. Cain.
Conceived by Megan Wilson.
Executed by Evan Gaffney.
They should be out this Spring.
HBO miniseries "Mildred Pierce" starts this Sunday.


  1. Damn you, Evan. First Highsmith, now Cain. If you start designing Dawn Powell covers, I'll throw myself off a building--and land on you.

    Excellent work by all involved. But shouldn't the Mildred Pierce image be a bunch of pies?

  2. not so clever B&W graphic design. big point-sized title letters like on a film poster overwhelms. "mildred's cover of seashore really misses. should be muted colours like (in the HBO series) of diner (w/neon sign) near laguna beach @ early evening. IMHO, this is too much promotion of relationship to film rather than stand alone novels, but if i were to pick the most successful design outta these overwrought book covers it would be hitchhiking hi-way of "...postman..."

  3. Herr von Mezzenbrau. I believe i have the cover for you. Muted colors, diner setting, etc:http://amzn.to/iWMSwz