Dog Show

We recently acquired a dog (well, its been almost two years now, but we still haven't totally adjusted). Whenever I get involved with a new endeavor I take comfort in acquiring as many books as possible on the subject— be it dog training, having a child, buying cheese, mastering wok cookery, etc.. I take comfort in the fact that there are noted authorities to consult 24/7, no matter what situation should arise. This means I now have a wide assortment of contemporary dog training books, from the near complete collection of Dog Whisperer books to a book written by monks who train German Shephards (we have a poodle mix). Now, almost all of these books contain nearly the exact same information on all the important stuff, like house training and leash walking, but never anything about the weird stuff that comes up, like what to do if there is a .001% chance that your dog ate a fish hook? I guess that's what the web and $500 vet visits are for.

Further investigating lead me to look into some dog books from the past. Some really great covers, many of which come from this site.

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