Out to Lunch

Design Bureau, a new design magazine, just launched and contains an article on yours truly. Accompanying photos, by the fabulous Noah Kalina, show how glamorous it is to eat lunch at your desk everyday. The piece also contains a list of my favorite lunch spots. The print addition should be hitting the stands any day now. Design Bureau is being published by the fine folks who brought us Alarm.


  1. Noah is known for often incorporating hardcore nudity into his photographs, so my interest was piqued when I saw his credit attached to this feature; but I guess the prudes over at Design Bureau won out with their "soup and sandwich" direction.

    Unless of course there are a pile of out-takes somewhere ... Eh, John?

  2. You can't see it of course, but I'm not wearing any pants.

  3. Noah also does incredible still life photos. Hence a full issue of I.D. Magazine, the annual design review 2009. http://www.flickr.com/photos/maayanpearl/sets/72157620782118820/with/3676542886/