You would think there'd be a better way to sell books...

Thanks to Patrick Borelli.


  1. that's fucking classic. I think that they should do that more often. People will start to buy the books for the covers they like. Wait, they already do that!

  2. That's the only way I've chosen books to read. For the last 10 years.

  3. I made that display! We've got a couple of design dorks for booksellers at Skylight Books. But it has actually been selling books! Murakami and Chandler, of course, or perennials for us. But a few sleepers have sold from it as well -- Baker's Box of Matches and Lewis's General Theory of Love. I liked noticing the circle theme after putting so many together. Thanks for your awesome work!
    -Emily Pullen
    Skylight Books

  4. Hi Emily,
    Of course I was totally joking and am totally honored. Anything—ANYTHING—to sell books! Thank you independent bookstores and thank you design dorks.

    Ian, Katya,
    That is generally the approach I take when buying wine and potato chips.

  5. John - I am confused. I thought Peter did King, Queen, Knave... and didn't Helen do Jesse Ball?

    Please advise.

  6. Gautam, Helen and Peter did do those. Though I guess they fall under my art dictatorship. I should have clarified.