Endangered Species

Word is the end might be in sight for another publishing staple: the printed catalog. These catalogs are used by the sales team and feature books to be published in the upcoming season. As everything publishing related migrates to the digital side, the function of a printed catalog is becoming less and less useful as a sales tool. We've already merged all of our imprints (Knopf, Doubleday, Vintage, Anchor, Pantheon) into one catalog. They used to be individual publications. 

Staff designers take turns designing the catalog covers. The great thing about the covers is the freedom we have to interpret our themes: Knopf always showcases a borzoi, Vintage always has something "vintage". Posted above are a few I've done over the years. I'll put together a more in depth look once we reach the post-mortem stage. Shouldn't be too long.


  1. If this means that I'll be able to know what you guys are doing without having to ask for a catalog, that might be a plus.


  2. That's sad, but I'm looking forward to the in depth look.