News that David Sedaris is releasing his latest audiobook as a vinyl record inspired me to pull these amazing old Caedmon spoken word LPs off the shelf. 

Caedmon Records specialized in spoken word recordings and put out records by many significant authors: Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, e.e. cummings, Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, etc. They also issued children's records, recordings of theater performances, and Vincent Price reading Percy Shelly. Their slogan was: A Third Dimension for the Printed Page. The company was sold to Harper Collins in the 1980s and is now Caedmon Audio.

Don't know much else about this company, especially from the design end—even the internet appears lacking in information. If these covers are any indication of the quality design work that went on, there's a story to be told. Anyone know anything?


  1. According to this old issue of Billboard, Marge Kotlofsky was added to do the design work at Caedmon. http://bit.ly/4rVKtU

    Also, it seems like Rick Sternbach did a lot of the later illustrations that would show up on the covers, but those were mostly science fiction titles.

  2. Found this link. Not the most inspiring: http://bit.ly/7fOLhh

  3. good stuff, i've seen the dylan thomas and e.e. cummings records