Can't say I really blame them...




  1. I would have loved to hear you pitch the gorilla cover. Brilliant.

  2. I have to second that about the gorilla.

    I just discovered your blog and I'm adding it to my blogroll, which I am reconstructing, thanks to a hacking into that cost me my archive (so far) of over two years of pieces about freelance book design, book design, and like that. I invie you to give mine a read, at http://www.tianobookdesign.com/blog.

  3. Yeah, that gorilla is sort of our of place. I picked up this title back in june at the book expo from Other Press. Still have not read it.

    Same goes for The Book of Fathers which I love the design for, but because it's an advanced reader copy, mine is a low rez shot on the cover which ruins it for me. But the design is fun. Is that an original collage you did? Lovely either way.