30 Covers, 30 Days: Day 30 1/2.

Bonus round: Henry Sene Yee


  1. So this is it right? 30/30. Very impressive and fun results. I am sure the authors are more than thrilled to have the best of the best doing their covers. Bravo to all the designers. Smashing work.

    Is there some sort of final ceremony or event to commemorate it? Is there going to be a little book assembled or anything? It would be fun to know the process on these and what the designers went through and how they came to the solutions they came to. Especially considering the odd process of 24 hour turn-around and just going off of a synopsis.

  2. You know Ian, I briefly considered using this blog for some background and cover discussion with the designers, but it seemed like a lot to ask. Hard enough getting everyone to drop what they are doing to do design work for free. I didn't want to overburden with discussion points as well. Though I think it would have been interesting. Maybe next year!